Further Information


I am constantly looking for information and photo's of the original Easyroller / Freedom machine Vans. Pease feel free to email me with any pictures / articles or information you may have.


Having been talked into engine transplants in the past (the bash beddie for example) i have stood my ground on this build and i am not changing from the original 173 holden red engine - i will be fitting a set of extractors and that is basically it - totally stock - the only other modifications in the whole running gear area will be the diff which has been changed to 3.55 and we will be fitting a fully reco'd 4 speed box, this should give me some pretty sweet highway milage and enable me to do what i have set out to do..........Cruise! The motor was compression tested and passed with flying colors, so she will have a complete set of new gaskets and welsh plugs fitted while both the Radiator and Carby have already been rebuilt.